ISO 9001:2008

Containment systems - Concrete barriers with the CE marking

BarriersConcrete safety barriers with the CE marking are precast concrete elements used to delimit different areas of transit and prevent vehicles accidentally leaving the lane they are driving in.

Concrete barriers with the CE marking, in their different shapes, are the best option for stopping and redirecting cars, lorries and motorcycles in a controlled manner.
Concrete barriers with the CE marking, approved according to the EU specifications on protection and traffic safety, are concrete products that are guaranteed and durable. They do not require repairs after impact in 98% of cases and, therefore, using them reduces the need for work to replace the barrier, which at the same time could cause other accidents.

PREFABRICADOS ALBERDI provides vehicle containment systems such as concrete barriers with the CE marking in accordance with the European standard UNE EN 1317-5.



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